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Sometimes I can’t believe my luck. I had the privilege of starting my working life with the most prestigious interior designer the UK has produced, David Hicks, and since starting my own business 20 years ago this good fortune has continued. I have worked on some truly exceptional properties and with some really wonderful clients whose vision and ambition I have always been inspired by. The finished results I think speak for themselves in the pictures you will see here on my new website.

I am also extremely grateful for the recognition I have received in the interior design press, including features in ‘House & Garden’ ‘ES Magazine’ ‘Homes and Gardens’ & ‘ Architectural Digest’ as well as being featured in books such as ‘Architectural Details’ and ‘Designers at Home’

Any client places an enormous amount of trust in their designer. I always treat this trust with the utmost respect and I have over the years built up in house skills that ensure that we can handle all aspects of any job from working with manufacturers, artisans and specialists in all fields. The word ‘bespoke’ is bandied about all too often, but as we regularly design around half of all the loose furniture on a job (and near to 100% of the fitted type) I believe that we can truly lay claim to this word!

I would like to make a few points about our philosophy that has built up and evolved over the years. Before I do, I must just say one thing that comes at the top of the list. I strongly believe that any client who is investing money, time, effort and their dreams in a project should have the right to enjoy the process. I always do everything in my power to achieve and maintain this principle. Because of this we have had a very high rate of clients that retain our services over several projects and many years.

In terms of our design philosophy we are generally known for including the best of classic, traditional and contemporary looks. In reality, the final feel of the job is dictated by the client, the building and the geography of the job. I hope that our pictures show that we do not sign up the ‘Cookie cutter’ school of design where every job looks pretty much the same regardless of who the job is for and what the building is like.

Finally, we have designed traditional country houses and city homes in the United Kingdom where we are based as well as around the world in places such as Cairo, Geneva, Provence, Inverness-shire (Loch Ness), London, Cotswold, Ilse of Wight and Hong Kong. No project is too big, too small or too unusual to benefit from our expertise.


Charles Bateson

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